RO-DOR Steel

Steel roller shutter doors for the pharmaceutical industry.

Steel Roller shutter doors

Our steel roller shutter doors are a robust alternative to aluminium, providing maximum security to your premises. Other benefits include insulation, soundproofing and ventilation. 

When maximum security is required, we offer insurance approved steel roller shutter doors, tested to Loss Prevention Standard LPS1175. This standard is recognised and endorsed by 16 organisations including the Association of British Insurers and the Association of Police Officers.

Strong galvanized steel laths can be foam filled to ensure good thermal insulation. Our curtain and sealing technology used around the entire door reduces internal and external noise.

Laths are available with small punch holes for ventilation and partial vision, or with perspex windows to allow more light and vision into an internal area. These can be combined in various quantities with solid laths, depending on your requirements.

Our standard finish is bright zinc galvanised, but each door is available in a complete range of BS or RAL colours, with either a plastisol or powder coat finish.

These doors are generally operated by push up, chain hoist or electric motor, but the final choice will be governed by the amount of daily operations your door is expected to perform.


Here are some of the many benefits of installing our steel roller shutter doors.


A robust alternative to aluminium, providing maximum security to your premises.


Optional foam filled double skinned laths offer additional thermal insulation.

Safety Approved

A safety edge system is fitted to stop and reverse the door should it meet an obstruction.


Curtain and sealing technology reduces internal and external noise.


These doors can be operated manually or electrically. The manual doors are spring assisted for ease of use. Electric doors can be operated using a variety of control options including; key pad, swipe cards, push button, pull cord, remote control, inductive loop, photocells, radar and key switch.

The electric doors are powered by either a single or three phase motor. Our single phase 240v tubular motor (50Hz rated) is ideal in light to medium use applications, while our three phase compact motors are ideal in high use areas. These are available in a range of speeds from 380v – 415v (50Hz rated).

Technical Specification

Steel roller shutter doors have a zinc galvanised finish as standard, but are available in any BS or RAL colours, with either a plastisol or powder coat finish.

Perforated or window laths can be incorporated into the door profile, to allow light and ventilation into a working area.

Safety features can include photocells, bottom safety edge, low voltage switching option, manual override and anti-drop safety brakes.

Each aluminium roller shutter door is custom made to fit the building aperture exactly.

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