RO-DOR Rapid Roll

Rapid roll doors for the pharmaceutical industry.

Rapid Roll doors

Ro-Dor is proud to be the UK trade partner for Dynaco, the world leader in high speed door technology. This partnership ensures we offer the very best rapid roll doors that are safe, reliable, low maintenance and user friendly.

Rapid roll doors enable energy and cost savings as well as optimised traffic flows, production and logistic activities.

We offer a rapid roll cleanroom door to optimise your cleanroom operation. Pressure levels are kept stable, air leakage is minimised and the exchange of contaminants and airborne particles is significantly limited.

The superior seal over the full perimeter of the door and its fast cycle, reduce the loss of conditioned air. Over the long run, this represents significant cost savings.

Rapid roll cleanroom doors are ideal to build airlocks. Their flexible PVC door curtain resists pressure differences and keeps your cleanroom in under or overpressure.

Cleanroom doors have an aesthetical and slim design. They require little space and can easily be installed in tight places.


Here are some of the many benefits of installing our rapid roll doors.


Smooth PVC door curtain is easy to clean and a stainless steel structure prevents impurities accumulating.

energy efficient

Fast acting door and tight seal maintains a stable room temperature.

low maintenance

Door curtain is self-reinserting, minimising maintenance and production down-time.

Extremely safe

The flexible door curtain is free of rigid parts, so avoids injuries and damage to machinery and goods.


Powered by advanced push-pull technology, both exterior and interior high rapid roll doors can be operated using a variety of control options including; key pad, swipe cards, push button, pull cord, remote control, inductive loop, photocells, radar and key switch.

The flexible door curtain contains no rigid elements, which can cause injuries to the user during operation. The doors come standard with an infrared photo-eye built into the side guides and all doors have a wireless bottom detection system.

Fully self-reinserting, the rapid roll door will automatically reinsert itself in its side guides when the curtain is accidentally dislodged, ensuring minimal operational disruption.

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Technical Specification

Optional stainless steel structure and side posts prevent impurities accumulating for optimal hygiene.

Large pictures of your products, or logo can be printed on the door curtain.

Vision panels can be incorporated into the door curtain.

Door curtains are available in 8 RAL colours; Black 9005, Blue 5002, Grey 7035, Red 3000, Yellow 1003, Green 6005, Orange 2004, White 9010.

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