RO-DOR Sectional

Sectional doors for the food industry.

Sectional doors

Our sectional doors are characterised by excellent heat-insulating and sound-absorbing properties combined with a modern panel design.

Each panel is made up of a painted layer, zinc coating, steel sheet, primer coating and high density foam. This sandwich construction provides extremely high insulation values and makes the doors very robust, guaranteeing a long service life.

As our sectional doors offer exceptional insulating and sealing properties, it makes them ideal for locations where the division between different climate zones is important. These doors will keep your production hall or storage area at a constant temperature.

We offer a wide range of possibilities in design and detailing, which makes our doors perfectly configurable for every situation. Choose from numerous window variants, insulation values and an extensive range of RAL colours.

The robust and corrosion-resistant rail system can be customised to open upwards on an internal wall, up and over into the building or to follow a roofline.

When pedestrian (including emergency exit) and goods traffic is required, a permanent wicket door can be installed in the fa├žade next to or incorporated into the sectional door.

Through our established international trade partnerships we also offer fully glazed and high speed sectional doors. Please ask our team about their suitability within your environment.


Here are some of the many benefits of installing our sectional doors.


Exceptional insulation properties, with U values from as low as 0.25 W/m2K


Flexible configuration with many design possibilities to suit your environment.


The strength of this door lies in its corrosion-resistant combination of panel materials.

Safety Approved

In addition to standard safety features, stop and reverse solutions can be incorporated.


These doors can be operated manually or electrically. The manual doors are spring assisted for ease of use. Electric doors can be operated using a variety of control options including; key pad, swipe cards, push button, pull cord, remote control, inductive loop, photocells, radar and key switch.

Technical Specification

Panels are available in 40, 60 and 80mm depths; the deeper panels provide the best insulation values.

Manually operated sectional doors are fitted with a spring break safety device, preventing the door from crashing down. Motor driven sectional doors include a self-locking gearbox.

Panels can be specified in any RAL colour and are available in a choice of finishes; microprofiled, stucco, woodgrain or smooth.

There is an extensive choice of vision panels and window elements should you want to incorporate natural light into your internal area.

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