RO-DOR Aluminium

Aluminium roller shutter doors for the food industry.

Aluminium Roller shutter doors

Aluminium doors offer improved corrosion resistance compared to steel and are even more light weight. Our high quality aluminium roller doors meet the need for excellent security and improved insulation, balanced with an attractive appearance and efficient operation.

Roller doors are space saving both inside and outside of your premises. Unlike conventional up and over doors, they eliminate intrusion into internal overhead storage space and allow full use of the external area. The doors can also be externally face fitted if all internal space is already in use .

The door laths are manufactured from strong and durable twin walled aluminium laths, with CFC free insulating foam. This provides a high level of insulation and security. A side guide sealing system aids insulation by reducing drafts and ensuring a quiet door operation.

The motor and curtain are designed to be maintenance free and require no additional lubrication in normal use. The curtain can be wiped clean with mild detergent.

Our aluminium doors come in an extensive colour range, to match your brand palette. All options have a double layer lacquer coating to reduce abrasion, colour fading and surface cracking.

Vision slats can be incorporated into the door curtain to allow natural light into your work area.


Here are some of the many benefits of installing aluminium roller shutter doors.


Aluminium doors offer improved corrosion resistance compared to steel and are even more light weight.


Fitted with draft excluding side guides and insulated laths, to ensure a high level of insulation and security.

Safety Approved

A safety edge system is fitted to stop and reverse the door should it meet an obstruction.


Withstands high wind load (up to 450 Pa) and is resistant to rain and temperature fluctuations.

operating methods

These doors can be operated manually or electrically. The manual doors are spring assisted for ease of use. Electric doors can be operated using a variety of control options including; key pad, swipe cards, push button, pull cord, remote control, inductive loop, photocells, radar and key switch.

The electric doors are powered by either a single or three phase motor. Our single phase 240v tubular motor (50Hz rated) is ideal in light to medium use applications, while our three phase compact motors are ideal in high use areas. These are available in a range of speeds from 380v – 415v (50Hz rated).

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Technical Specification

We offer a choice of two types of door with 55mm or 77mm laths, designed to work perfectly in premises with headroom from 205mm to 300mm.

Available in a wide choice of RAL colours, to enhance your brand presence.

Glazed or unglazed vision slats can be incorporated to allow natural light into your premises.

Safety features can include photo cells, bottom safety edge, low voltage switching option, manual override and anti-drop safety brakes.

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