Ro-Dor PVCu roller shutter carwash doors.


Used extensively in the UK carwash market for over 36 years, the Ro-Dor PVCu door is renowned for being corrosion resistant, low maintenance and providing superb acoustic insulation.

Not only can the Ro-Dor PVCu doors be utilised to secure and insulate the building, they can also operate automatically in conjunction with the carwash programme. The intelligent control system can accept instructions at any point during the operating cycle. Doors can be programmed to work every time the machinery starts, when dryers are used or at any time to suit your needs.

The use of PVCu in the unique design and fabrication of this door provides many benefits in the carwash environment. Ro-Dor PVCu doors withstand the harsh carwash conditions and require low maintenance, reducing carwash downtime.

Our double-skin profile design and unique seal system provides a high level of thermal insulation. This prevents machinery from freezing up during winter months, ensuring that the carwash runs efficiently and profitably throughout the year.

The double-skin construction also provides superb acoustic insulation, significantly reducing noise levels to adhere to any local restrictions, which enables increased operating hours.

Enclosing the carwash with a robust Ro-Dor PVCu ensures a secure environment, reducing the threat of vandalism and consequent repair costs. Each Ro-Dor PVCu door is reinforced with wind bars and wind lock washers for additional strength and security.


Here are some of the many benefits of installing Ro-Dor PVCu roller shutter doors.


Our unique double skin profile and seal minimises noise levels, enabling 24 hours use.


Maintains building temperature above freezing during the cold winter months.


Requires a low level of maintenance, despite a harsh operating environment.


Can incorporate an automatic control system to work in conjunction with the carwash programme.


These doors can be operated manually or electrically. The manual doors are spring assisted for ease of use. Electric doors can be operated using a variety of control options including; key pad, swipe cards, push button, pull cord, remote control, inductive loop, photocells, radar and key switch.

The electric doors are powered by either a single or three phase motor. Our single phase 240v tubular motor (50Hz rated) is ideal in light to medium use applications, while our three phase compact motors are ideal in high use areas. These are available in a range of speeds from 380v – 415v (50Hz rated).

Technical Specifications

Ro-Dor PVCu doors are fabricated in Signal White RAL 9003 or Signal Grey RAL 7004 as standard. The doors can also be spray painted to any colour of your choice.

Translucent laths can be incorporated into the door profile, to allow light and partial vision into the carwash area.

Safety features can include photocells, bottom safety edge, low voltage switching option, manual override and anti-drop safety brakes.

Each Ro-Dor PVCu door is custom made to fit the building aperture exactly.

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